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Kehuang Group traces its roots back to the Animal Feed Additive Manufacturer of Zhejiang University’s Biological Science and Technology Department, which was reorganized into Hangzhou Kehuang Feed Co., Ltd. in 1996. The Group operates in the research, production, and sales of veterinary pharmaceutical preparations, animal nutrition, and natural plant extracts. Additionally, it possesses advanced breeding research farms with four modernized bases located in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, and Guangde City, Anhui Province.
Meanwhile, the Group boasts expertise in six major techniques, including hot melt extrusion and pharmaceutical nanocrystals, which serve as the cornerstone of its exceptional product quality. Moreover, the Group owns two national high-tech enterprises and a biomedical research institution, Hangzhou Aibeide Institute of Life Science and Technology spearheaded by distinguished university professors, which ensures that the Group’s technology remains at the forefront of the field. Inspired by Zhejiang University’s motto of “Seeking Truth, Pursuing Innovation”, the Group is committed to delivering safe and premium products and services for animal health through relentless R&D and technological innovation. It firmly believes that its vitality can only be empowered by science and technology. Guided by its core values of “Scientific, Accurate, Achieved”, the Group wholeheartedly shoulders the mission of the times to provide all its clients with healthy, safe, and efficient products.
Core Products
Core products
Devoted towards providing high-quality products and technology for animal health and human food safety.
R&D team
Prof. Yuanjiang Pan
Doctor, doctoral supervisor, chief scientist
The Qiushi-distinguished professor of Zhejiang University, the winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, the council member of the Chinese Chemical Society, the Director of Professional Organic Analysis Committee of the Chinese Chemical Society, the Vice-director of the Professional Committee of Mass Spectrometry, the member of Zhejiang Food Safety Expert Committee, and the associate editor or editorial board member of various well-known academic journals, both domestic and overseas, have engaged in organic and pharmaceutical analysis and development, applications of mass spectrometry, and other research fields for a long time.

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Scientific, Accurate, Achieved